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Are drones allowed in Sri Lanka? how do i get my drone into?

You are probably wandering how to get a permit for your drone, well it is not that simple and quick. 

In 2024 I was trying to obtain a license for my drone, however it took every single energy out of me as the procedure is never ending and complex. However, you are lucky and this is what you have to do to bring in your drone legally

First of all make sure you also get a visa for the country, as it is one of the few that requires a payment through the department of immigration. Pay attention to other scamming websites that promises to grant you a visa after a not-defined payment and head straight to the country-secured website


Once obtained a visa you can start the procedure for the drone clearance. 

your very first step is heading to the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and follow the CAASL online drone approval system.

There, you will have to insert your data as well as your drone ones and upload the passport/id. finally, the website is asking where you are intended to fly your drone. Of course you may not know that in advance if you are flying it just for leisure purposes. Unfortunately this is a mandatory field. The best solution is inserting an hypothetic location. Note that if the location is a sensible or forbidden area, you will get your clearance denied. There is actually no way of knowing which are the forbidden location, generally avoid cities as Colombo, Negombo, Galle, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa. 

Once you have filled out every detail, you can submit your application. 

But that’s not done yet. You will receive an email stating that your application is successfully submitted and once reviewed you will get a payment link. 

Even though I started this process 4 months before flying to Sri Lanka, I got the payment link the day before my flight!

I even applied three times through the website without receiving any information but the email right after the data submission. 

Speaking with other people that were trying to get the permit, they also never received any email or payment link. most of them brought the drone in without approval as at the airport drones are not stopped.

However, this is a dangerous behavior that could seriously hazard your drone but also your stay in the country, as you are bringing something not allowed in. 

I suggest to keep trying and submitting your application minding to insert not sensible locations. 

For more information watch this video


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