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ULURU: 4 days bush-camping in Australia's red centre.

In November 2023 I joined the 4 days bushcamping tour offered by Mulgas Adventures. The tour made me discover and marvel the most famous and sacred place in Australia.

Uluru by @it.s_me_jonathan
Uluru by @it.s_me_jonathan

Uluru, previously called as Ayers Rock, is one of the world's largest monolith, towering up to 348 meters.

Not only it breaks up the monotone landscape of Australia's red centers, but it is also a sacred place for the local Aboriginal community, the Anangu.

More historical facts and cultural appreciations can be found in the visitor center inside the National Park, close to the site. This was also the first stop of the group tour I joined, to get the best experience from this incredible place.

The tour started in Alice Spring, where our guide, Ewell, lifted us up from the hostels. After 4 hours drive we reached the National Park, right after a quick stop to Ayers Rock airport where other participants joined. In total we were roughly 20 people, mainly from 20 to 30 years old.

Mulgas Adventure tour by @it.s_me_jonathan
Mulgas Adventure tour by @it.s_me_jonathan

Highlights of these 4 days are Kata-Tjuta National Park, Uluru National Park and Kings Canyon. During the day we helped with the cooking and washing, these activities worked also as ice-breaker and helped to meet each others. After one days we were all friends and the experience started really to become unforgettable.

firecamp mulgas adventure
Collecting stick for firecamp
dinner mulgas adventure
Dinner time!

During the nights, we found ourselves sleeping in swags on the floor all around a fire, right after an all-together dinner and some Marshmallow roasting.

I decided to hire a sleeping bag to wear inside the swag for additional 20$. But if you have yours you can bring it. The sky above us was literally INSANE and we all fell asleep gazing this.

Starred sky over Australian Outback
Starred sky over Australian Outback

Dinner mulgas adventure tour ! by @beatricedafre
Dinner time! by @beatricedafre

mulgas tour Kings Kanyon by @it.s_me_jonathan
The group visiting Kings Kanyon by @it.s_me_jonathan

Every day, right before bedtime we had our guide explaining what the following day activities were. Most of the time the alarm was set super early in order to get the best from the day and avoid heat and tourists. The second day we woke up at 4.00 am in order to leave the camp at 5.00, so we also had time for breakfast and a shower. A beautiful sunrise preceded an hike in the wind valley: Kata Tjuta National Park.

Crested Pidgeon, Kata Tjuta National park
Crested Pidgeon, Kata Tjuta National park by @it.s_me_jonathan

But the most immersive and unforgettable day has been the last one! We were meant to try and experience the real bush-camp, however our guide according to the terrible weather forecasts, decided to bring us back to Uluru, to get a glimpse about how it can change with heavy rains.

We found ourselves walking all around the site dodging puddles that were become almost immense pools, wearing an improvised k-way. I must admit that was super funny and I will remember it forever.

If you want to get an idea how it can look like but also get more tips about the experience, check out my YT video.

mulgas adventure with rain
Improvised k-ways, by @it.s_me_jonathan

Uluru with rain, mulgas adventure by @it.s_me_jonathan
Uluru with rain, by @it.s_me_jonathan

The last day, due to the rain, we could not sleep on the floor around a fire. But we helped ourselves in rudimental but beautiful camping. After dinner we had time to play cards and share our stories, before the last sleep.... over the tables.... because the floor was haunted by huge and painful ants!

This is definitely the best way you can experience the Outback and visit such places. Although the tour was not economic I reckon once in a lifetime everyone should take a part in it.

....ah I was forgetting!

Make sure you bring with you the face-net! Especially around Uluru sandflies were terribles and I could not have stand a day without it.

face net uluru sandlfies by @beatricedafre
Sandflies in Uluru, by @beatricedafre


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